20 ‘Truth or Dare’ Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

If you played with a round of Truth or Dare before, then you know that it consists of asking someone a chain of questions. Regardless of how “daring ” it might be.

The intent of playing this game with your boyfriend is that it offers you the opportunity to really get to know him a bit better. The key is not to inquire really simple questions, but instead ones that’ll make him think long and hard about if he’d preferably opt for the challenge instead and take the risk.

1. “Have You Ever Cyber- Anyone that is Stalked?”

Not only does it reveal the vulnerability and insecurity of a guy but also if he’s got a darker (and envious) side to him that he’s yet to show for you.

2. “What Did You Tell Your Mother About Me?”

Lots of men have a truly excellent relationship with their mom. It ’s always wise to know what he’s told her.

3. “What’s Your Grossest Habit?”

You would hate to learn on your wedding night that the man picks his nose (eww). Might as well get out in the open now?
4. “When Did You First Understand You Really Liked Me?”

Asking yours may supply you with a second that you never would’ve anticipated.

5. “What’s Your Best Physical Insecurity?”

You really get to find a deeper side, by knowing about a guy’s physical insecurities. Not only that but you can know which trips to avoid.

We’d acknowledge that we’ve lied before if all of us were extremely honest with ourselves. The key to this question would be to find out how often your guy does it.

7. “What’s Your Most Humiliating Moment With A Girl?”

A man who is willing to take about humiliating minutes is a guy who is willing to inform you nearly anything. Therefore, the advocate with this special type of question.

Then you definitely shouldn’t be scared to ask this question if you’ve been dating for some time. Odds are, he felt butterflies because he’s still with you. And kissing you. It’s just something that’s pleasant and fine to understand. For the record.

9. “ What’s The Biggest Lie You’ve Ever Told? ”

There are “little white lies” and then there are huge. It’s a great idea to understand about both, as it pertains to your boyfriend.

10. “What Actually Frightens You?”

This is just something that’s shrewd to have on your own radar.

11. “Do You Speak With Your Ex-Husband?”

OK, this is the sort of question that you likely wouldn’t get an answer to unless you’re playing with this game. Although you shouldn’t reflexively suppose that it’s a “bad” thing you’ll be conscious of the interaction, if he says “yes”. And that’s a good thing.

One way to really get to know your boyfriend is by hearing about his childhood. And seeing images of him during stages and different phases of his life. Posting it is just a way to make the dare so much more enjoyment!

13. “What’s Your Guilty Pleasure?”

We all have guilty pleasures as it pertains to entertainment, food and a great number of other matters. Fundamentally, it’s getting to know someone on a deeper level. Without lots of pressure.

14. “What Are Your Three Top Insecurities?”

Do you genuinely believe that girls are the only ones with insecurities? So. Not. True. It will make him feel closer to you if you’re sort while he’s doing so, although it’s exposed for a man to share what his are.

A man who’s willing to adopt you in public, notably in front of one of his lads, is someone who is not shy about letting the world know that he’s into you. Wonderful.

16. “What Is Your Pet Peeve When It Comes To Me?

It takes quite a strong woman to be able to listen to what may get on her guy’s nerves when it comes to her. But being open to hearing the information also can prevent lots of drama/problems/confusion as time goes on.

17. “What Would You Believe I’m More Of: Smart Or Funny?”

Other than understanding what your boyfriend finds appealing: intellect or comedy. But on the one he enjoys the most, once you have that bit of information, you are able to subsequently “ turn up the notch, just a bit, naturally.

18. “What ’s Your Worst Pick-Up Line? And Did You Utilize It On Me?”

Although pick-up lines have the standing for better pretty corny and borderline idiotic, you might not be aware of how capturing and subtle some of them are. Especially if your boyfriend happened to use a couple of them as a way to get your focus.