‘Would you rather’ is a great method of determining the weirdness that is the actual self. Because you can run from ‘would you rather’, but believe me, you can’t conceal….

Note: Some Questions Taken FromĀ Fun Would You Rather Questions https://lifehacks.io/

Dirty Would You Rather for Couples

1. Would you have nipple sized fingers or finger sized nipples?

2. Would you perspiration so much you soak your clothing or rather go brilliant purple when embarrassed?

3. Would you rather eat your family pet or kill your parents?

4.Would you rather see your other half in your parents or a porn video?

5. Would you rather wear someone else’s dirty knickers or use their toothbrush?

6.Would you rather have a 1-minute conversation with your future self or your previous self?

7. Would you rather be constantly always or itchy tacky?

8.Would you lick someone else’s armpit or have somebody else lick your armpit?

9. Would you rather be continuously nude or consistently have people see you’ve got sex?

10.Would you rather be only friends with someone you love or marry someone you hate?

11. Would you rather be born with a giraffe neck or an elephant trunk?

12. Would you rather never leave the state or leave and not return?

13.Would you eat a handful of wasps or poison ivy?

14.Would you rather crap yourself a year in every day in private or public?

15. Would you rather have an armpit between your legs or vaginas in your armpits?

16.Would you resolve your biggest regret or rather fulfil your largest wish?

17.Would you rather be a feminine man or a masculine woman?

18. Would you rather give birth pain free through your mouth or painfully through your vagina?

19.Would you rather be incredibly dumb or really awful and amazingly beautiful and intelligent?

20. Would you rather shout all the time or whisper all the time?

21. Would you rather be a homewrecker or be home wrecked?

22. Would you must pee again or never have to shit again?

23. Would you rather eat an entire tub of butter or a whole jar of mayo?

24. Would you pee every time?

25.Would you rather be a prodigy that nobody considers or an idiot that everybody considers?

26. Would you be a member of the Kardashian family or an associate of the Obama family?

27. Would you rather live in Buckingham palace or the white house?

28.Would you live without television or rather live without music?

29.Would you rather have diarrhoea or in your wedding night?

30.Would you make out with them or rather pole dance naked for the parents?

31. Would you eat a smattering maggots or rather lick a strangers condom?

32.Would you rather die slowly or fast ?

33.Would you paint your knees or your face on a wall?

34. Would you have hiccups on a regular basis or rather sneeze all the time?

35.Would you rather perish by a zombie assault or a shark attack?

36. Would you rather consistently forget who you happen to be or consistently forget who everyone else is?

37.Would you rather be completely sober your entire life or show up to your kids’ commencement completely pissed?

38. Would must convey through charades for a week or you rather have to say your entire sentences back?

39. Would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses or one horse sized duck?

40.Would rather be able to talk to animals or every language in the world?

41.Would you rather eat chocolate flavoured shit or shit -flavoured chocolate?

42. Would you rather shit on someone or have someone shit on you?